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Starting the process of building a new home or maybe looking to renovating? Every building starts with a vision. At Archwood Projects we strive bring these visions to life. But what does the design process entail? How does a vision go from a conceptualized idea to something tangible? Note that although the processes are constantly changing, the drawing production process and approval’s process remains relatively unchanged over time.
Step 1. The initial consultation
During your initial free consultation, our experienced building designers will sit with you discuss all your thoughts in relation your project needs. We will examine requirements such as room size, types of spaces how you anticipate these spaces will feel, etc. We can discuss issues such as sun orientation versus street face versus outside living and how these factors affect greatly on the quality of living for that particular property. Service fees and what they include will also be discussed at this time. a fee proposal as well as a
Step 2. Fee Proposal
A fee proposal as well as a Client Brief will be sent to you following our initial consultation. The fee proposal will include scope of works outlining what is included in the service.
Step 3. Site Analysis
A detailed site feature survey is carried out by a registered land surveyor to determine all existing conditions, location of boundaries in relation to the existing building, ground levels and contours. Archwood Projects then thoroughly checks and balances all measurements taken in the field to ensure accuracy. Note. Archwood Projects can organize all external consultants on your behalf.
Step 4. Concept Design
Where an existing building occupy the site, the site surveys are used to prepare the existing conditions of the site. The location all adjoining properties are also included for planning requirements. The Concept Design process includes council and other government body research as well as the study of your requirements. The drawings are produced using a 3d Software and include floor plans and some elevations which will give you an understanding into how the building will look like. Prior to proceeding to the next phase of the design process, the preliminary drawings are issued to your for your review and approval.
Step 4. Developed Design
This stage sees your sketch design drawings developed into more detail. Through close consultation with yourself, this phase of the process is important to solidify the design and any major changes are encouraged to be made during this stage. Any design changes made later can be complicated to make and may conflict with town planning permission, requiring additional planning applications. Once you are happy with the design, external consultants such as structural engineers are engaged to complete their designs. As previously mentioned Archwood Projects can organise all external consultants on your behalf.
Step 5. Town Planning Application
Should your project require the need for Planning Assessment, our team can support and lead you through every step of the application process. We develop necessary planning documentation to support your application and can organise meetings with council on your behalf.
Step 6. Construction Drawings & Building Approval
During this stage, our designers will develop a set of working drawings ready for Building Approval and construction. The drawings supplied at this stage will have sufficient information for us to obtain the necessary building approvals, and detailed to a level for tradesmen to price and complete the works.
Step 7. Building Approval
Prior to any construction work commencing on site, building permit must be obtained from your Building Certifier. Archwood Projects can manage the entire application process and ensure a smooth process is achieved. Documentation submitted to the building surveyor includes the full set of construction drawings, your energy rating report and structural engineering reports and certification.